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Three years course of Naturopatia

his cours was born in order to train the Naturopata, a therapist expert in Natural Medicine.

Thanks to a scientific and serious training with our courses, the next Naturopati will be able to prevent the beginning of illness observing the psychophysical manifestation and the tendency to the bioenergetic imbalance, educating people to a life style that can stimulate the self-cure potentiality of any human being.

During the course we look at the energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health and illness with particular attention in order to suggest, in addition to the professional training, a personal knowledge and growth.

The three years course has lines in:

Plantar Reflexology


Flowers of Bach

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Natural and Energetic Feeding


Agriculture Biodynamics

The Free University Zefiro makes use of an high qualified teaching body which has been working for long time in the field of the Natural Medicine in Italy and abroad.

The course of study lasts three years for a total of 1000 hours of classes. The attendance is compulsory.

When students enrol they have to choose the teaching module closer to their needs:

Weekend Module - two meetings at month - there
are about 18 weekend of study at year.

The student has to pass an exam for any subject of the plan of study and at the end of the three years he has to discuss his own thesis.

The School grants a Diploma in Naturopatia.

We will recognize the exams mutual to the course in Naturopatia made by who already has a degree (such as doctors, pharmacists, psychologist, nurses,etc).

It is possible to attend classes on particular subjects included in the program.

We know that there are a lot of elements to choose a school and this choice can not be made using only informative materials, for this reason we invite you to see our school in order to know us personally.