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Its aim is to train different professional figures in the field of the "complementary medicine" with courses for holders of a diploma and graduated courses. The Free University Zefiro makes use of international known teachers and researchers of Traditional Medicine and biomedicine in order to develop a didactics facing to the Integrated Medicine.

It addresses to who is looking for new professional outlets, to who already works, such as doctors, pharmacists, veterinary, physiotherapists, beauticians, personal trainers, educators and managers of human resources that want to expand the horizons of their own profession.

Through publications, lecture notes, conferences, workshops and short courses, Zefiro treats an activity of information on the territory for who wants to know the techniques for learning and keeping his own psychophysical equilibrium.

Zefiro in its own Clinical Center of Integrated Medicine, thanks to the work of professionals specialized in different methodologies of not conventional medicine, offers free advices, specialistic visits, diagnostic investigation and treatments.

During these years we have started different pilot-plans into public and private structures.