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Ambulatory - technical files


The Homeopathyc Medicine was born on 1800 with S. Hahnemann, a Saxon physician, who, appling the likes' law, the low dose's law and the drugs dynamization, realized the possibility to treat and cure the human being in a consonant way with his psycho-physical personal nature.

For the homeopathyc physician an human being is an indivisible and unique psyco-physical all one and the illness is the expression of a natural purification of the whole body. The homeopathyc therapy stimulate with the homeopathyc cure a natural movement of the body with the aim of reaching the final recovery, so it does not tampon temporarily the pathologic situation, but it remove that winning the deepest causes.

Free advice

First visit:             lenght h. 1,30

Ckeckup:            lenght h. 1,00



The traditional Chinese Acupuncture is not a pharmacologic practice, it pricks and warms same localized points on the body surface, situated along the course of energetic channels . It treats illnesses using the deepest resources of the body, it does not cure only the symptoms, but works at the origin of the illness, fortifing the psichophysical energy and the resistance to the illness.

All the Chinese Medicine promotes and hopes, in order to be used in the best way, a greater attention towards themselves, their own state of health and towards their way to exist.

First visit:             lenght h. 1,30

Applications:            lenght min. 45



Discipline of the art of restore the health,the osteopathy sees in the muscle skeleton system the reflection of all the body conditions. The Osteopathy is an holistic medicine which believes in the human being as unity of body, mind and soul, and in the health as natural state of the person.

Studing the posture and the body dynamics,

and communicating manually with the tissues,

 the osteopathist reaches the deep causes of the troubles and finds a remedy.


- Dr. Pietro La Viola -

He obtained the degree certificate as Therapist of rehabilitation on 1987 at the Hospital of Pescopagano (PZ) and the diploma as Osteopatist on 1996 at the "Registro degli Osteopati" of Italy (R.O.I.). He works as professional, regularly attends specialization courses on Osteopathy of the cranium, collaborates with the Institute Zefiro for the divulgation of the Holistic medicine for a natural approach.

irst visit:             lenght min. 45

Treatment:            lenght min. 30



- Naturopata Marilena D'Alessandro-

Training in Naturopatia at the Free University Zefiro, with line of studies: Feedinh and Nutrition Floritherapy Flowers of Bach

After different years of job at the Public School as teacher of Modern Literature, she began to teach in the field of Complementary Medicine with a particular attention to the Natural Feeding, into its theoretic and practical aspects, and to Floritherapy with the Flowers of the Dr. E. Bach.

In the past she worked as:

  • Entrepreneur at GAIA S.R.L. (Group Architecture Engineering Environment) First Bio-building Centre of South Italy.

    She organized the activity of diffusion, through exhibitions, meetings, workshops and courses, of the problems linked to the preservation of environment, to the ecological architecture and to the environmental medicine. In collaboration with The "Fiera del Levante", she supervised the organization of "NATURA & NATURA" (nature & nature), first exhibition of biological products in the south Italy.

  • She teached natural feeding for the regional project "Puglia Bio Food"

  • She teached at the Mediterranean Cooperative of Giovinazzo, for the Laboratory of Biological Cooking Transformation.


First advice:                lenght h. 1,00

Feedding controls:            lenght min. 30



A millenary Indian science characterized by a gentle manipulation of the articulations using oils. Itsb salutary effects are regal: the skin softens and begins soft like silk, the body removes toxins and any type of tiredness. Swellings and heaviness disappear. Handle gently, the articulations find again theyouthful elasticity. Energy and wellbeing will permeate each cell. A particular oil is used for the scalp, giving strength to the hair

and giving a pleasant feeling of serenity.

Salutary effects are obtained in the different e psyco-somatic pathologies (anxious-depressive syndromes, colitis, gastritis, dermatitis)

- Dr. Fabio Basalisco -

Doctor, specialized in neurology, he has always pointed his attention on man's totality and unicity through a work projected to the personal overcoming. He practice the Ayurvedic massage, Thai, Reiki, Floritherapy of Bach, Techniques of Creative Visualization. He deals with Homeopathy. For two years he has been authorized Trainer in the Techniques of L. Hay (author of the Best Seller "You can cure your life") and his main target it to remind to everybody, through a work of knowledge, acceptance and mentale re-programming, that anyone, if he wants, can be responsible and owner of his own life.


First visit:             lenght min. 45

Treatment:           lenght min. 30 ca.



The traditional chinese massage is a very old art which using particular techniques, practised by expert and qualified operators ,let to re-equilibrate different pathologies.

 In particular, the Traditionale Chinese Massage is a curative technique where the patient's troubles are treated only by the manipulation on the energetic meridians and on theacupuncture's points. The chinese massage solves organic troubles and removes functional troubles, stimulates and promotes the circulation of the qi and of the blood in the channels and collaterals, spreads and loosens stasis and tensions with a curative and aesthetic aim.

First visit:            lenght min. 60

Treatment:           lenght min. 45 ca.


This technique consists of determining the organic condition of a subject by the precise observation of his iris through a special optics equipment. The iris communicates with the cerebrospinal and sympathetic systems, so any change of the equilibrium modifies its la structure with spots, colouring marks, change of the pigment, etc.

The iridology can be added with success to other already used traditional methods, in order to improvethe prevention and the final results


First visit:             lenght min. 60

Treatment:            lenght min. 45



The Shiatsu is a type of manipulation practised by thumbs, fingers and palms, without using any mechanical, or not, instrument .

With that manipulation it is applied a pressure on the human skin which corrects internal illness, promotes and keeps the wellbeing and treats particular diseases. The Shiatsu can cure the illness and prevents their return and the development of other illnesses.

The pressure of the hands on same body parts, stimulate its natural ability of self-recovery and remove the fatigue promoting the decrease of the lactic acid and of the carbon dioxide which accumulate among the tissues causing the muscle hardening and the blood stasis.

These material heaps causes tiredness, producing an abnormal pressure on the nerves, blood and lymphatic system.


- Mario G. Balacco -

Qualified on Ohashiatsu at the Ohashi Institute; certificate of training in Psychosomatic Medicine obtained at the "Istituto Riza" of Milano; diploma of Shiatsu at the Mizaishiatsu of Asti; course of rehabilitation techniques of traditional chinese massage at the "Istituto Paracelso" of Roma.

irst visit:             lenght min. 60

Treatment:            lenght min. 45




The Plantar Reflexology is a massage technique of the reflected points present in the foot. Since the ancient times they knew the presence of these reflected points which are the projection of all the internal organs.

The massage of those zones in the foot, producec relief in the corresponding apparatus, and help to balance the possible energetic disharmonies..

The Plantar Reflexology is a Holistic practice, which considers the man in a total way compared to his physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Through the Plantar Reflexology we do not do a medical diagnosis, but we try to help the person to cross the recovery way.

-  Pierre Dell'Orto -

Trained in massotherapy with specialization in sport massage; twenty years experience at sport societies of soccer, volleyball, etc.

Trained in functional bandaging at the school of Henry Neiger (french technique ) and of Tony Spino (american technique).

Specialized in holistic iridology, with Claudio Rubino, J. Griso Salomč, Daniele Lo Rito and L. Birello.

He knew the plantar reflexology according to the Zamboni method and with the prof. Chiecchi, evolving and developping the three dimensions.

He practices the chinese digitopressure (prof. Zang and Lao-Wen)

He has working for years in his surgery at Cernusco L. (Lecco)

He is teacher of the italian school of holistic medicine S.I.M.O.



First visit:             lenght min. 60

Treatment:            lenght min. 45


The ambulatory dealts with the diagnosis and therapy of the main internal pathologies with a particular reference to the diseases and dysfunction of the digestive trac, hepatopathies, connective diseases, autoimmune diseases, arthritis and vascular diseases. A particular field of interest and study is the long duration fevers and the problems tied to the elaboration of diets  according to the different pathologies. The arterial hypertension, the diabetes and the dyslipidemic are normally treated with the help of opportune nutritional and behavioural rules too. The maxim unum in omnia  of the schools of internal medicine is the landmark for a unitary and empathetic approach to the patient.

- Dr. Pierluigi Orlando -

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Bari; school of specialization in Internal Medicine at the "Istituto di Clinica Medica II"  University of Bari; graduate course relevant to the Hip and vascular disease prof. Meroni at the "Ospedale Maggiore" of Milano; theoretic-practical course on the Diagnostics of the autoimmune diseases  Italian Society of lab medicine at the Policlinico of Bari.  Laboratory activity, research and ward at the "Istituto di Clinica Medica II" of the Policlinico of Bari; he has been interested, for same years, in diagnostic and therapeutic integration between the traditional medicine and the main techniques of the Natural Medicine. Publications on italian and foreign magazines about the different etiologic, pathogenetic, diagnostics, therapeutics aspects of the autoimmune diseases,


First visit:               lenght min. 60

Visit of ckeck up:            lenght min. 30



The main target of any psychotherapy is to free oneself from the past and the future, to simply begin to be and develop its own ability to live and being what it is everywhere and everytime . (Whitaker, 1990).

During the therapeutic meetings the relational universe to which everyone belongs ( family,equals, adults) are explored and we work to understand the myths, the rules and the laws of these systems.

In this way it is possible to become aware of the roles and fuctions played inside each system and everyone has the possibility of starting the process of division-individuation compared to those, leading it to an own real and original transformation.


Meeting lenght:            min.50



How can the parents learn?


The teaching takes place in little groups of parents and children. It is made up of 4-5 meetings of about one hour. The meetings include:

Ų       learning of the massage benefits for the baby and the child;

Ų       practical learning of the complete sequence of the massages;

Ų       how to relax the baby with a relaxing touch;

Ų       meditation about the fortification of the bond parents-child;

Ų       experiences of not spoken communication stimolated by the massage: smile, visual contact, skin contact

Ų       learning of methods that can help the child who suffers of constipation, meteorism, abdominal colic and crying;

Ų       possible adaptation of the massage for the baby and the child ;

Ų       learning of the massage for children with special needs: premature, hospitalized, fostered and handicapped


- Dr. Fabio Basalisco -

Doctor, specialized in neurology, he has always pointed his attention on man's totality and unicity through a work projected to the personal overcoming. He practices Ayurvedic massage, Thai, Reiki, Floritherapy of Bach, Techniques of Creative Visualization. He deals with Homeopathy. For two years he has been authorized Trainer in the Techniques of L. Hay (author of the Best Seller "You can cure your life") and his main target is to remind to everybody, through a work of knowledge, acceptance and mentale re-programming, that anyone, if he wants, can be responsible and owner of his own life.


First visit:            lenght min. 45

Treatment:            lenght min. 30



The floritherapy, starting from the rebalancing of the states of mind, treats through same wild flower-based preparations.

The doctor Bach, thanks to whom we have the 38 remedies, called FLOWER of BACH , discoveredthat at the base of each symptom and pathology there is always a fracture between essence and personality, a personal defect, an aptitude which block the free flow of energy.

With the floritherapy the change is noticed ina subtle and very clear way, one becomes more sensible and attentive to what happen in his own life. The essences help us to let the quality opposed to the negative state of mind to surface.

Bach writes:the action of these remedies is to open our channels to express our essence, to permeate our real nature with the particular virtues we need and to remove the fault which causes the wrong. They are able, like good music, to lift up our real nature and take us closer to our soul, to give us peace and relieve our pains.

-  Elisa De Martino  -

First visit:           lenght min. 45

Treatment:            lenght min. 30



Kinesiology locates and faces a range of muscle, skeleton and energetic imbalances. This natural technique of diagnosis and cure is based on massage, pressure and manipulation. Its peculiar characteristic is the simplicity that let to obtain,already in the first treatments, surprising results in the total respect of the patient's essence and characteristics

- Losacco Savino -

First visit:               lenght min. 60

Visit of ckeckup:            lenght min. 30