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Who the Naturopata is

he Naturopata is the professional emergent figure of the end of the century and already represents the answer to the post 2000 society. In varios national health realities, this figureis already operative and same ASL and hospitals make use of the collaboration of a Naturopata.

The Naturopata' aim is to keep the original energetic equilibrium between man and environment. He does not zero in on the symptom to defeat, but he locates the cause of the illness. He works with the medicine, dealing with prevention and health.

He discloses the secrets of the self-cure, making who suffers aware of his body's capacities and of the illness' teachings. Using natural methods, the Naturopata approaches to the illness in a new way, putting his attention on the psychology, the fears and the life's experience of the person.

In this way his role becomes complementary to that of the Traditional Medicine, helping the patient to react and collaborate; using a method which revitalize and help to reach the state of health.

The Naturopata's job is to educate to the respect of the nature and to the listening of his own body and its signals,transforming, in this way, a job in a mission of altruism and love.

The Naturopata is the professional figure who deals with health and wellbeing in a natural and holistic point of view.

The Naturopata can help to keep or find again a situation of harmony, wellbeing, health. He is able to locate elements of weakness or constitutional risk and to suggest food, hygienic and psycho-physical rebalancing practices which allow to prevent bioenergetic disharmonies that can transform into pathologies if neglected.

The professional figure of the Naturopata allows different professional outlets: profession, collaboration with offices in partnership, with herbalist's shops and pharmacies, with firms of herbal and/or homeopathic products, in gymnasium, wellbeing centres and beauty farm.