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The School

he professional figure of the "Naturopata" is recognized in several European countries:

      • Germany
      • Portugal
      • England
      • Denmark
      • Sweden

In other countries is going to be recognized.

In Italy it is a legitimate profession, registered at the Istat waiting for regulation.

Only privat schools offer today this type of training, so it is very important that the school could offer a serious, qualified and scientifically founded training.

The Free University of Holistic Medicine Zefiro conforms to the most severe european rules of professional training, comparing its three years training course in Naturopatia to an university diploma.

It has a teaching body made up of professionals (doctors and naturopati) caming from all Italy, with knonw profesional experience and ten-year teaching practice.
It offer a training of more that one thousand hours and a fourth year of specialization.

The Free University Zefiro is a member of the F.I.M.I. Italian Integated Medicines Federation and of the Professional Association M.C.4 - Complementar Medicines 4.