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We are present to Bari and Grottaglie

[Introduction] - [Fields] - [Activity]

he ZEFIRO -Free University of Holistic and Integrated Medicine - hes been woking in the field of the "complementary medicine " since 1991, is not profit and its activity is divided into
the scientific, cultural and humanistic field
according to an overall and holistic
view of man, his health and his illness.

It works in the field of the Natural Medicine
which support:

On the personal level, the achievement of a greater awareness of the man potentiality offering to him the appropriate means to achieve a deeper inner knowledge, in order to reach greater capacities of self-determination, self-management of his own health through a correct prevention and a appropriate living style to develop all the energies and possibilities of self-cure and psycho-phisical wellbeing.

On the social level, the achievment of an harmonious equilibrium betwen the single individuality and creativity and the social reality where he lives.

The Institute has the following AIMS:

The promotion and diffusion of techniques and methods of Natural Medicine with holistic idea , and the not medical sanitary arts in collaboration and respect of the Traditional Medicine;

To operate in the fields of the Natural Medicine, of the growth and personal development therapies, of the psychophysical techniques and energetic therapies, with the help of qualified professionals who work in the field and promoting the formation of new professional figure- the Naturopata - guaranteeing, at the same time, a strict control of professionalism and quality.