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What the Naturopatia is

he Naturopatia is at the base of many techniques of not conventional or complementary natural medicine. With this word we want to point out an holistic, health and natural approach towards the human being.

The basis of the Naturopatia is the "vis medicatrix naturae" i.e. the curative power of nature, its ability to keep the inside equilibrium of a body and among the different living organisms.

The Naturopatia is not a modern invention; the first man who didn't feeling well rested and did not eat, practiced the Naturopatia, like who prayed, meditated and relaxed to pacify the tensions of their spirit. Today we can observe this aptitude in the animals which do not eat and rest when they do not feel well.

To practice Naturopatia means to create the ideal conditions to give the body the opportunity of showing the vital force, the energy of self-cure, which is already inside man (for example: a surgeon can make a masterpiece of a not compound fracture but if the body does not works the recovery does not happen). A body that works is able to keep itself healthy, for this reason the Naturopata uses all the systems to restore and promote the functional ability of the body.

To describe the state of equilibrium, Cannon conied the word homeostasis (omois = alike and stasis = situation) which points out the capacity of the body to conform to the outside and to answer to the agents which threaten the health. It is easy to observe, during a walk on mountain, that when the oxigen partial pressure decreases, automaticaly the respiratory frequence changes: the body, in its wisdom, breathes faster to keep constant the oxigen levels. This means that in the body there are sophisticated sensors which notice immediately and in a precise way a lot of parameters (pressure, heat, luminous intensity, concentration in the air of chemical elements, noises, etc.) that continuously elaborate to conform to the new conditions with the least waste of energy. We have a limited view of the enormous capacities of our body !!!!

For these reasons the Naturopati uses stimolus compatible with the selfcure capacities of the body and, in particular, the natural agents of our life: air, water, exercise, sun, relax, food.